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lawn care just got easier! UnderGround Downspouts never needs maintenance! Mow right over it!

UnderGround Downspout Kit UnderGround Downspout kit

UnderGround Downspout Kit
Includes: Debris Filter, Lid,
Center Post & Bubbler Pot

$24.95 per kit

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Never hassel with those downspouts laying across the lawn when it's time to mow! The UnderGround Downspout makes mowing a breeze and elimiates the unsightly traditional downspout extenstions around the yard.
Only 6 easy step to install the UnderGround Downspout!

The UnderGround Downspout can be installed on any home with any style of downspouts. The debris filter simply rests underneath the downspout outlet allowing for it to be install with any shape downspouts from round, square, or a rectangle.